A device as sturdy as our will to innovate, our portable product makes USB charging and USB power supply easy in any situation.

 Sturdy Aluminum case for outstanding durability.
 Quickly recharge 8 phones simultaneously.
 Customizable technology with LED’s, GPS, remote control and much more.

In extreme conditions where others fail, the Rhinocharge M2HD will score big with its build quality and ease of use. Each full charge will supply recharge to 100 phones, when and where it counts. An essential tool during emergencies, you can add options to customizable for specific applications.

Additional Power solutions

We can solve all your problems with supplying power to phones, tablets, laptops, lighting and other USB devices.
Rhinocharge can supply all types of electric terminals, secure charging stations, upstanding terminals, external batteries, and USB cables.

M2HD – Heavy Duty

M2 – Standard

M2CC – Multicolor

USB Cables

They rely on Rhinocharge

We deploy our energy within numerous sectors