We are constantly innovating to offer reliable and optimal USB power to event planners. With Rhinocharge, say goodbye to dead phones at end of day just before cocktails. Our USB charging stations solve the issue.

 Quickly charge up to 100 phones to the delight of your guests.
 Increase your income / visibility by customizing the stations with signage / theme color customization to the delight of the sponsor.
 Stand out thanks to our customizable technology using LED projection, GPS and much more.

Does this sound familiar?: 100’s of guests in the same meeting with cell-phones and laptops running out of power… and it’s only midday! That can easily ruin a great event. The Rhinocharge M2HD model can alleviate this genuine threat, and fulfill a genuine need. It can efficiently charge multiple units simultaneously outside the office, virtually anywhere! A simple way to increase guests’ attention/participation and event efficiency in corporate or personal events and meetings, training sessions, conferences, and even weddings!

Other tools and ways to power your events.

In addition to our M2HD model, we have many other power solutions that will make for memorable events. Imagine our secured charging stations, vertical stations, external batteries, customer-theme color USB cables, and other signage opportunities! All that can enhance guest/participant experience!

M2HD – Heavy Duty

M2 – Standard

M2CC – Multicolor

USB Cables

Plan ahead with our USB charging stations in mind.

Their events are powered by Rhinocharge.

On-site examples of our power in action.